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1 kotak = RM 150 (Ahli)
3 kotak = RM 450 + Keahlian

1 kotak = RM 210 (Bukan ahli)
1 kotak = RM 160 (Ahli)
3 kotak = RM 480 + Keahlian

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3 kotak = RM 540 + Keahlian

My Journey To Lose Weight

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Sunday, May 9

Boleh ker aku jadi secantik mereka nih???

Diet xjadi..

Malam td aku celebrete my son's besday skali combo ngan sisiter2 in-law ku...we all having dinner party at Le chataeu de puah at gombak..quite happening...aku pun membalun semua makanan yg ade tanpa sikit pun teringat pasal beratku yg dah cecah tahap badak sumbu nih...

aku target raya tahun nih aku nak pakai kebaya masa anak daro dulu..bleh ker..aku suke blog gegal nih..sgt cute..korang tgk la blog budak comei nih..aku teruja nak kurus sama ngan dia..

Tuesday, April 27

Aduh!! banyak bende rupenyer kena buat..

Exercise and Weight Loss

Exercise and weight loss

Weight loss for good is the goal of anyone unhappy with their current size and shape.The best exercise for weight loss is something which one enjoys doing and is likely to continue doing, not just while losing weight but also as one maintains weight in the long-term.

Almost any exercise will help a person to lose weight if she isseverely Obese. Sustained exercises that work the whole body are thebest exercises for weight loss.The best exercises for weight loss include walking, swimming, jogging, biking or using an ellipticaltrainer because you have to use your whole body. However, one must use the right exercise to lose weight if you are just a little bit on the heavy side.

Whatever activity we choose, the key is to commit to doing it regularly. Correct timing should be applied to an exercise to lose weight. One should also maintain a high heart rate for sustained periods of time. Moderately intense activity or exercise should increase the heart and breathing rates and possibly lead to a lights weat.

Initial fitness goal should be to do 30 min of exercise each day. Thereafter, gradually increase this to about 60 min of exercise per day. The best combination of exercise is a mixture of aerobic and strength training. Aerobic and strength training exercises both assist weight loss but in different ways.


Walking is one of the ideal exercises for losing weight. Walking helps burn a good proportion of stored fat. It also burns a large amount of calories especially performed for longer durations and at a brisk pace. However, as with all exercises, losing weight depends on the intensity of effort. Walking is a great start for people of any age wishing to lose weight fast.

Aerobic exercises and jogging

Aerobic exercises are very popular and have helped many trying to lose weight.They can be very effective in burning a large amount of total energy in a single session. Initiate any new exercise program with gentle walking activities.After a few weeks try walking briskly until a little fitness is developed then aerobic exercise may be more effective.Light jogging will also help you to burn calories and lose weight.


Running for about 7 min/mile has been shown to burn more than 10 cal/min.

Light housework (dusting or washing up).

Household activities like dusting or washing helps to burn calories. Performing more chores around the house regularly would increase activity and therefore increases the energy expenditure for the day.

Weight training or sprinting

Weight training or sprinting is one of the most intense exercises for losing weight. The energy to fuel these activities comes almost exclusively from carbohydrates and the amount of total calories burned is very high, however they can only be performed for short periods due to muscle fatigue. But plenty of rest periods are needed between each bout resulting in less total calories burned over the course of a training session. Moreover, these exercise regimens should be followed only after the consultation of a fitness expert.

Blood Type Diet

"Eat Right 4 Your Type" - Blood Type Diet

The concept to "Eat Right For Your Type" - or "Blood Type Diet " - is based on research conducted by Peter D'Adamo, ND, who claims that people fare better (including with weight management), when tailoring their diet to their specific blood types. He advises:

Type A typesshould basically stick to fruits and vegetables (high carbs / low fat). They have thicker blood than other blood types, a sensitive immune system, and should not consume dairy products, animal fats and meats. They are at a heightened risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.

Type B typesshould consume a balanced diet (fruits and vegetables, grains, fish, dairy, meat, but avoid chicken). They have the best chance of bypassing or overcoming everyday types of diseases, including heart disease and cancer.

Type AB typesshould consume a mostly vegetarian diet, and only on rare occasions some fish, meat (no chicken), and dairy.

Type O typesshould basically stick to a high protein diet (including red meat), low carbs, and enriched with fruits and vegetables. They should limit the intake of wheat germ, whole wheat products, corn, and avoid dairy products and most nuts.

Type O types are commonly affected with hypothyroidism, high stomach acid (leading to ulcers), and thinner blood with greater resistance to blood clotting. Peter D'Adamo proposes that lectins cause agglutination (clotting) of blood cells in someone with the wrong blood type, which in turn may create serious liver or kidney problems as visible under a microscope. (Lectins are sugar-containing proteins found on the surface of some foods, which may cause various molecules and some types of cells to stick together).

He further theorizes that elevated urine indican levels - prevalent in many gastrointestinal diseases such as celiac disease, diverticulitis, pancreatic insufficiency, inflammatory bowel diseases and others - can also be attributed to specific blood types affecting the interactions of foods with intestinal bacteria, and creating polyamine abnormalities. In addition, different blood types - according to Peter D'Adamo - affect the body's secretory performance in respect to digestive juices, whereby a Type O for instance is capable of producing higher than average stomach acid levels, which could lead to a greater incidence of gastric ulcers.

Weight Loss Tips

Follow this Weight Loss Tips and stay on track to lose weight and stay slim.

Did you know that simply changing the temperature of the water you drink can speed up your metabolism and burn more calories? Drink hot water!

Did you know that foods like bran cereal are more dense and will make you more full because your body cannot digest fiber?

Did you know that certain foods like rice work very well with liquids to expand in your stomach making you more satisfied?

Did you know that if you cut 3 tablespoons of butter per day from your diet you could drop 1 pound every 12 days just for not eating butter? Let's hope you don't actually eat 3 tablespoons of butter every day though!!!!

More Weight Loss Tips

Fat Loss versus Muscle Loss

1) To lose body fat you must eat fewer calories than your body burns off, so EAT LESS -- but you must NOT starve yourself, otherwise you will lose more muscle than fat!

2) Start eating 5-6 meals per day (space them out to about one every 3 hours). You are eating more often, but not necessarily more.

3) Increase your protein intake. Without protein your body cannot build new muscle. Protein also helps to increase your metabolism - which burns calories.

4) Increase you water intake. A good formula for this is to multiply your bodyweight by .66 to get the required number of ounces per day.

Monday, April 26

Sedang ber'JDM5'

Masa Kawin

Result After Diet Apple

After the 3 days apple diet, I have lost around 2kg. Not much, but it’s a good start. Although there’s some effective diet pills that work, I chose to try something more “natural” and less expensive.

Overall, the feeling is great. However, you can only do this diet plan once every one or two months. Overdoing it is not good, as only consuming apple cannot provide our body all the essential nutrition.

My Progress Report

Day 1: Ate 4 apples and drank plain water

Day 2: Ate 4 apples and drank plain water BUT ate an ice-cream bought by Orange!! (breaking the chain!!), Soya bean drink
Day 3: Ate 4 apples and drank plain water, Wheatgrass drink, Soya bean drink

My body weight scale is really not accurate, so I can only say I lost around 2~3kg.

Diary 2

My reasons 2 loose weight:

1.To feel better about myself .
2.To take my husband's breath away.
3.To be able to wear cute clothes.
4.To be able to hold my head high.
5.To be happy!
6.To gain confidence.
7.To be able to look in the mirror and like who I see!
8.To be able to cross my legs.
9.To shock people with my new look.
10.To be able to walk around without feeling like everyone is starring at me.
11.To be able to wear a shoe smaller than an 8.
12.To be able to bend over to tie my shoe without huffing and puffing.
13.To be able to were jeans.
15.To never cry again about the way I look.
16.To actually feel as if I truly fit in.
17.To never feel depressed again.
18.To be high on life.
19.To prove to myself that I can do it!

Diary 1

I am on a journey to lose weight. Sometimes I think it would be easier to ignore that person who is looking back at me in the mirror, I know it's going to take a lot of hard work and commitment to get the weight off. I've always been told "You didn't put it on over night and you want take it off over night". As far back as I remember I've always been over weight. Over the years I have tried different things to lose weight and I might lose a few kgs here and there. But things would happen, and I'd always give up and gain it all back and more. I am trying to do things this time to keep myself motivated.

What makes this time any different from the other times? I guess I've reached the point where I WANT to change the person I am now.

I don't like this person!! This person is always grumpy (infact my son nicknamed me gemoks). This person has low self esteem. This person has no energy. This person is always depressed. This person hates herself. This person always walks around with a chip on her shoulders. This person stays emotionally drained.

The way I feel sometimes is like I am standing still just watching my life pass me right by. I used to tell myself when my son was little I need to lose weight so I can do things with him. Now he's 2 years old. 'And i'm still fat!' I've finally decided enough is enough!!

I can either look the other way and think "I'll go on a diet tomorrow", we all know what "tomorrow" is all about. Tomorrow turns into days, months and even years. I've reached the point where I am going to change that. I want to feel good about myself! I want to "LOVE" me!

Peluang Perniagaan Sampingan

Herba Prima Marketing Sdn Bhd

Syarikat yang kukuh dan berdaya saing...Hasil kajian pakar, Doktor Che Rozmey Che Din. Penyelidikan selama 15 tahun dalam bidang perubatan perbidanan, obesiti dan bio-herb
Produk-produk ini telah diakui ramai dengan kebolehannya memberi kesan yang begitu ajaib dan selamat.

Keajaiban produk Dr Rozmey telah tersebar melalui media tempatan seperti di akhbar HARIAN METRO, MAJALAH FAMININ & FAMILY, APPRENTICE, BERITA HARIAN dan internet.

- Pelan pemasaran mudah

- Tiada bayaran pendaftaran

- Keahlian seumur hidup

- Produk ajaib yang di akui ramai

- Tumpuan pakar dalam penyelidikan pembangunan produk secara berterusan

- Produk hasil kajian pakar perubatan terkenal & diiktiraf

- Disokong kuat oleh pakar penyelidik obesiti, Dr Che Rozmey dan Herba Prima Sdn. Bhd.

- Anda usahawan bebas, bekerja mengikut masa andaPENGIRAAN BONUS TAJAAN

Sebaik sahaja anda sertai kami, anda adalah Pengedar A

Jika Pengedar A menaja pengedar baru, maka downlinenya adalah Generasi 1 (anak) Pengedar baru yang ditaja oleh Generasi 1 (anak) pula akan jadi Generasi 2 (cucu) kepada Pengedar A.
Bonus tajaan untuk Generasi 1(anak) ialah RM 30.00 sekotak Bonus tajaan untuk Generasi 2 (cucu) ialah RM 10.00 sekotak.

Untuk mengambil bonus tajaan downline, penaja (pengedar A) wajib membuat belian peribadi RM 450 pada setiap bulan. Syarat ini wajib dipatuhi untuk mendapat bonus tajaa.

Contoh Pengiraan:
Jika pengedar A menaja 30 orang pengedar (B) dan setiap seorang pengedar B pula menaja 30 orang pengedar (C) maka contoh pengiraan bonus adalah seperti berikut;

Bonus A = [30 x RM 90.00] (Bonus Generasi 1/ anak) + [30 x30 x RM 30.00] (bonus Generasi 2/ cucu) = RM 29,700 Bonus tajaan sebulan.

Pakej Keahlian



1 kotak = RM 200 (Bukan ahli)
1 kotak = RM 150 (Ahli/pengedar)
3 kotak = RM 450 + Keahlian

1 kotak = RM 210 (Bukan ahli)
1 kotak = RM 160 (Ahli/pengedar)
3 kotak = RM 480 + Keahlian

1 kotak = RM 230 (Bukan ahli)
1 kotak = RM 180 (Ahli/pengedar)
3 kotak = RM 540 + Keahlian

Anda berminat menjadi ahli, Sila sms @ call 0123539296..saya akan hubungi anda semula utk maklumat pendaftaran.

Senarai Harga

Mereka Sudah Berjaya Kurus Jus Diet Mate 5!!!!

Kagum dengan kejayaan mereka nih...

Mereka semua sangat cantik dan bergaya dengan bentuk badan mereka yang baru...

Mereka adalah antara insan2 yg cekal mengharungi segala halangan dlm diet mereka...

Saya juga ingin jadi seperti mereka...

dR 101

Jus minuman untuk kerehatan dan kesegaran minda, membantu kecergasan minda.Ramuan khas dan terpilih ini telah diformulasikan oleh Dr.Rozmey untuk mereka yang menghadapi masalah kurang daya fikiran,pelupa, tidak focus dan minda yang lesu.

Campurkan serbuk dR101 dgn 400ml air sejuk dalam bekas bertudung, goncang dan sedia diminum.

dR 8

Dr Rozmey terus cipta formulasi hebat untuk bantu pengguna yang alami masalah penglihatan dengan dr8,sejenis minuman kesihatan yang terhasil dari penyelidikan dan kepakaran Dr Rozmey senantiasa mencipta dan menghasilkan formulasi terbaik,berkesan,murah dan selamat untuk pengguna. Ramuan yang terbaik,formulasi yang hebat dan penyelidikan yang berterusan telah membolehkan produk ciptaan Dr Rozmey amat berkesan,selamat dan ajaib.

Campurkan serbuk dr8 dengan 300-400ml air sejuk.Goncang dan sedia minum. Ambil 1X atau 2X sehari,jika perlu.

dR Silky

dRSilky tampil lagi dengan produk kecantikan wanita yang mampu menjaga kesihatan dan kecatikan wanita dari luar dan dalam. Formulasi ajaib ini adalah hasil penyelidikan dan pemerhatian Dr.Rozmey yang menggabungkan ramuan terpilih yang bertindak secara sinergi merawat bentuk badan dan kulit wanita. Kebolehan dR Silky membentuk pinggul dan payudara memberikan keyakinan dan kepuasan pada wanita kini mampu miliki bentuk badan idaman.

Campurkan serbuk dRSilky dengan 300ml air sejuk. Goncang dan sedia minum.

dRQ 10

Dr rozmey terus cipta formulasi hebat untuk bantu pengguna yang alami masalah lemah jantung dan serangan stroke dengan dRQ10, sejenis minuman kesihatan yang terhasil dari penyelidikan dan kepakaran anak watan Dr. Che Rozmey Che Din, yang senantiasa mencipta dan menghasilkan formulasi terbaik, berkesan, murah dan selamat untuk penguna.

Ramuan yang terbaik, formulasi yg hebat dan penyelidikan yang berterusan telah membolehkan produk ciptaan dr.rozmey amat berkesan, selamat dan unik. Tahniah pada Dr.Che Rozmey Che Din, Pakar perbidanan dan Sakit Puan, yang telah mencipta produk kesihatan yang terbaik dengan kajian dan penyelidikan beliau sendiri untuk manafaat penguna.

Campurkan serbuk dRQ10 dengan 300-400 ml air sejuk. Goncang dan sedia diminum. Ambil 1X atau 2X sehari, jika perlu.

dR Betes

Dr.Rozmey terus cipta formulasi bantu pesakit yang hadapi penyakit kencing manis dengan formulasi canggih dR Betes hasil pemerhatian dan penyelidikan beliau.Formulasi ringkas memberikan penguna rasai kenyang dan mengaktifkan tahap guna gula oleh sel-sel serta guna pemanis yang tidak meningkatkan tahap gula dalam darah ternyata mampu menurunkan tahap guna dalam badan. Kebolehan mengaktifkan sel-sel pencrease untuk hasilkan insulin telah membantu menormlakan tahap gula dalam darah.

Campurkan serbuk dR-Betes dengan 400 ml air sejuk dan goncang. Pastikan anda tidak mengambil makanan berkalori tinggi dan air manis sehingga tempoh 4 jam selepas minum dR-Betes. Anda kini mula merasa kenyang dan bolehlah mula amal makanan yang kurang kalori dan manis.


Pertama di Malaysia, minuman hebat untuk lelaki yang ingin menimati kehidupan sexual yang lebih nikmat, panas dan selamat!!!!

Di formulasikan oleh Dr. Rozmey, pakar perubatan dan herba.
- Menambah stamina dan tenaga
- Merangsang nafsu sexual lelaki
- Merawat masalah sexual lelaki
- Memantapkan fizikal dan emosi
- Merangsang kesegaran otak
- Merawat kemurungan
- Meningkatkan kesuburan lelaki dan wanita
- Menambah keseimbangan hormone

Dr rozmey: Viagra bagus untuk ereksi zakar, tetapi Espresso-XY dengan maca, butea superba, ektrak tongkat ali, extrak ginseng memberi kepuasan tambahan, kerana ia secara semulajadi menjadikan ereksi zakar bertahan lama dan meningkatkan ghairah sexual, stamina dan keseronokan sexual yang disukai oleh lelaki dan wanita!!!

Cara Penyediaan:
Bancuh bersama air panas dan minum 1 jam sebelum bersama.
Sekiranya anda berasa letih boleh juga mengambil Espresso XY.


Doc-K penemuan baru dalam penjagaan dan perawatan sakit sendi dan urat.

Pertama kali bertindak dengan 2 cara:
(i). Menghilangkan kesakitan
(ii). Membaiki sendi dan rawan yang rosak.

Sakit-sakit sendi seperti :
1.Osteoarthiritis (OA)
2.Rheumatoid Arthitis (RA)
4.Ankylosing Spondylitis

Kebanyakan sakit sendi adalah akibat kerosakan sendi dan juga keradangan sendi termasuk kemusnahan rawan sendi dan keradangan serta kecederaan urat, ligament dan tendon.

Kerosakan rawan sendi dan ketumbuhan tulang sendi yg baru menyebabkan gerakan sendi menjadi sukar dan sakit. Kerosakan dan kesakitan ini boleh disebabkan oleh kecederaan fizikal seperti kenaikan berat badan, kecederaan semasa bersukan atau kemalangan atau disebabkan oleh penyakit autoantibodi seperti Rheumatoid arthritis atau crystal uric acid dalam kes Gout.

Bahan aktif dalam Doc-K seperti Celery (Apium Graveolens) mampu merawat kerosakan sendi dan mengurangkan sakit. Celery juga mampu bertindak membuang toksin dalam badan dan tingkatkan system saraf utama menjadikan mengamal Doc-K merasa lebih sihat selain meningkatkan pertahanan badan.

Cara amalan:
1. Campurkan sebuk Doc-K kedalam 300ml air.
2. Goncang sehingga sebati dalam bekas bertudung

Gain 5

GAIN 5, satu lagi formulasi ajaib Dr. Rozmey, terbaik, selamat dan berkesan mampu menambah berat badan dan pertumbuhan otot-otot badan anda serta mengaktifkan berjuta sel badan dan organ penting badan berfungsi secara maksimum.

Campuran "whey protein" , Vitamin A,B 2, B3, B5, B6, C, kalsium, iodine,zinc,thiamine, biotin, folic acid mampu membina otot-otot badan yang baru, meningkatkan "growth hormone" dan pembesaran sel-sel badan selain memberikan tenaga dan meningkatkan selera makan.

Formulasi yg serba lengkap dan menyeluruh ini adalah yg pertama seumpanya di Malaysia dan ternyata mampu memberikan kesan pertumbuhan otot-otot badan yg amat cepat, berkekalan dan meningkatkan tahap kesihatan anda.
Cara penyediaan : Campurkan serbuk GAIN 5 dengan 300 ml air dalam bekas yg bertudung, goncangkan Jus GAIN 5 diminum 1 jam sebelum makan.
Mereka yg terlalu kurus dan sukar menambah berat , boleh minum GAIN 5 dua kali sehari pada waktu pagi dan awal malam
Purata pertambahan berat badan sebanyak 2 ke 4 kg sebulan.


Jus DR-II adalah merupakan satu evolusi baru dalam dunia penjagaan kulit dan kesihatan masa kini. Satu lagi sensasi dunia kesihatan dan kecantikan yang diimpikan oleh wanita dan lelaki.

Dr Rozmey sekali lagi tampil dengan formula ajaib lagi hebat, amat berkesan, selamat dan murah.Hanya bahan aktif dan asli seperti astaxanthin, hydrosalate marine colagen, acerola extract powder. Diformulasi dengan bijak dan terbaik.

Ia diadun dalam bentuk ?powder? dengan mengunakan teknologi nano. Jus DR-II dengan bahan aktif sebanyak 12 gm yang larut didalam mulut meresap ke dalam badan melalui kapilari bawah lidah tanpa perlu melalui ? 1st pass effect ? oleh metabolisma hati.

Anda pasti mengalami sensasi dunia kejelitaan Jus DR-II. Anda akan tampil dengan kulit cerah dan lembut dengan penuh bergaya, mampu mempesona sesiapa yang melihatnya.Jus DR-II adalah 50 x lebih baik dan kuasa dari injeksi vitamin C + kolagen.

Dalam masa 2 minggu anda sudah menikmati keajaiban nya!!!!!!!

Cara pengambilan:-

1 sachet: masalah biasa ( pagi atau malam)

2 sachet : masalah kulit yang kronik (pagi dan malam)

Cara penyediaan: Masukkan 150ml Air sejuk bersama dR-II ke dalam shaker (bekas minuman) Goncang sehingga sebati (JANGAN GUNAKAN SUDU!!!!!!) dR-II sedia untuk diminum.

Jus Diet Mate 5

Jus Diet Mate 5 merupakan satu revolusi baru di dalam produk diet di mana formula yang ditemui begitu effektif di dalam mengatasi masalah kegemukan. Jus Diet Mate 5 formula hebat!

Mengawal selera makan, menghalang pembentukkan lemak, mengurangkan pengambilan gula, meningkatkan kadar metabolisma dan menukarkan kabohidrat kepada tenaga yang merupakan 5 faktor utama di dalam pengurusan berat badan.

Kebaikan Jus Diet Mate 5 - Mudah, berkesan- Semulajadi, Selamat- Tanpa rasa lapar- Tanpa rasa sakit- Tanpa bersenam- Bertenaga dengan minda yang cergas- Menyihatkan jantung- Bagus untuk kencing manis dan darah tinggi- Membantu kesuburan wanita- Bagus untuk saraf dan sendi- Melancarkan usus- Merawat masalah kemurungan, susah tidur- Merawat migrane dan gastrikMengatasi masalah stroke mengurangkan kolestrol

Perhatian!! Ibu Mengandung tidak digalakkan mengambil Jus Mate 5