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My Journey To Lose Weight

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Monday, April 26

Diary 1

I am on a journey to lose weight. Sometimes I think it would be easier to ignore that person who is looking back at me in the mirror, I know it's going to take a lot of hard work and commitment to get the weight off. I've always been told "You didn't put it on over night and you want take it off over night". As far back as I remember I've always been over weight. Over the years I have tried different things to lose weight and I might lose a few kgs here and there. But things would happen, and I'd always give up and gain it all back and more. I am trying to do things this time to keep myself motivated.

What makes this time any different from the other times? I guess I've reached the point where I WANT to change the person I am now.

I don't like this person!! This person is always grumpy (infact my son nicknamed me gemoks). This person has low self esteem. This person has no energy. This person is always depressed. This person hates herself. This person always walks around with a chip on her shoulders. This person stays emotionally drained.

The way I feel sometimes is like I am standing still just watching my life pass me right by. I used to tell myself when my son was little I need to lose weight so I can do things with him. Now he's 2 years old. 'And i'm still fat!' I've finally decided enough is enough!!

I can either look the other way and think "I'll go on a diet tomorrow", we all know what "tomorrow" is all about. Tomorrow turns into days, months and even years. I've reached the point where I am going to change that. I want to feel good about myself! I want to "LOVE" me!

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